Saturday, May 16, 2015

Craig James Is An Idiot

This is going to be an on-going series, the way things are in this world...first up a few months ago was State Dept. Spokesperson Marie Harf, today its' former SMU football star and former Fox Sports commentator Craig James, who joins Harf on the "Is An Idiot" platform. In James' case, the former commentator, who now shills for the social conservative group the SPLC-designated hate group the Family Research Council, earns his spot for this:
Family Research Council official Craig James guest-hosted the organization’s “Washington Watch” program yesterday, where he chatted with Texas conservative activist Jonathan Saenz about how an anti-gay bill failed in Texas legislature in part due to opposition from the Texas Association of Business.
James criticized the business group, claiming that the fight over the legislation “highlights how fearful business owners are of the blowback from the LGBT community and from folks who feel like we should be all tolerant and loving and accepting of everything.”
James, who works for one of the nation’s most virulently anti-LGBT groups, whose leaders (including James) have described gays rights as a tool of the Devil, defended Uganda’s kill-the-gays bill, called for an anti-gay revolution and urged the government to export gay people from the country, told Saenz that the LGBT community needs to show more civility or America will be lost. “It’s the one-way street that is going to kill America,” James said. “This country has had a two-lane highway forever, both sides had the freedom to believe. Civility is gone. We’re haters if we think otherwise. What’s wrong with this country?” (Right Wing Watch)
...oh, Mr. James, its' not our side of the street that's been the intolerant ones, its' your side of the street that's been intolerant, so you might want to look in the mirror before spouting such tripe as above...oh, and by the way, those of us in the LGBT community aren't going away anytime soon, so you and your fellow travelers over there in la-la land better just get used to it.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Seared Music: Imagination - "Just A Illusion"

...the thing I really love about this tune is that there's a zen-like quality to it; if you think, if we allow ourselves to be towed along by all the bad emotions in our lives, we're simply setting ourselves up to be bitter little bastards who end up inflicting pain upon everyone - including themselves. The key to a good life: opening your eyes to the world around you, embracing opportunity as it comes along and taking things one day at a time...

If The Left Wants Their Infrastructure Funded, Take It Out Of Something Else

In the two days since the Amtrak Northeast Corridor train crash in Philadelphia, an almost too-predictable chorus of calls have come from the Deluded Left wanting more funding for rail infrastructure (...among other things)...yet, whenever you call them on it, they scream "Republican Cuts Kill!" or some other tripe (here's one good example from the all-too appropriately named Deluded Left website "Crooks & Liars").

Well, if that's the case, how come, for instance, in Michigan:
A week ago, voters in Michigan rejected a massive tax increase earmarked for road improvements, despite the politicians’ (of both parties) insistence that the tax increase was the only way to fund desperately needed infrastructure improvements.
After the referendum failed, all of a sudden, the legislature found a way to fund a billion dollars in road improvements by reallocating money from other programs. Weird, huh? (Gay Patriot)
Now, to borrow the click-bait expression, there was one trick they used....know what it was? They got the money out of other programs! They didn't have to raise taxes or fees or whatnot; they simply looked at the entire budget, found programs and things they didn't need to spend money on...and used that money for transportation infrastructure funding.

If only our betters in Washington had the same drive...

Founder's Quote, 14 May 2015

If duties are too high, they lessen the consumption; the collection is eluded; and the product to the treasury is not so great as when they are confined within proper and moderate bounds. This forms a complete barrier against any material oppression of the citizens by taxes of this class, and is itself a natural limitation of the power of imposing them. - Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 21 — 1787

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Seared Music: Boz Scaggs - "Breakdown Dead Ahead"

*reads song title* ...sounds like the story of my life sometimes...

Anti-Gay Missouri Legislator Caught Sexting With Intern

...instead of attacking how others live, Rep. Diehl, how 'bout you try living to your own damn standard?
The Kansas City Star today reported that the speaker of the Missouri House, Republican John Diehl, sent several sexually charged text messages to a female college freshman who was working as an intern in the state legislature. Diehl, who is married, has championed the Religious Right’s anti-gay agenda in the state house, and has in turn been praised by state conservative groups for his “moral leadership.”
Earlier this year, Diehl and the president pro-tempore of the state Senate filed an amicus brief in defense of the state’s anti-gay-marriage amendment, leading the Missouri Family Policy Council, the state affiliate of the Family Research Council, to praise the speaker “for demonstrating moral leadership and true integrity in standing up for the sacred institution of marriage and the family values of the people of Missouri.” The state affiliate of the Southern Baptist Convention thanked him for “fighting to defend biblical marriage.” (Right Wing Watch)
If sexting someone not your wife is someone's definition of moral leadership and true integrity, God only knows what the opposite definition is...

Founder's Quote, 13 May 2015

All good men wish the entire abolition of slavery, as soon as it can take place with safety to the public, and for the lasting good of the present wretched race of slaves. The only possible step that could be taken towards it by the convention was to fix a period after which they should not be imported. - Oliver Ellsworth, The Landholder — 1787

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Seared Music: Triumvirat - "Spartacus"

...sometimes, you've got to expand your horizons...just saying, folks. :)

Blogger Hacked To Death In Bangladesh...

....for, let me guess: upsetting the poor little Mohammedans?
Attacks on bloggers critical of Islam have taken on a disturbing regularity in Bangladesh, with yet another writer hacked to death Tuesday.
Ananta Bijoy Das, 32, was killed Tuesday morning as he left his home on his way to work at a bank, police in the northeastern Bangladeshi city of Sylhet said. Four masked men attacked him, hacking him to death with cleavers and machetes, said Sylhet Metropolitan Police Commissioner Kamrul Ahsan.
The men then ran away. Because of the time of the morning when the attack happened, there were few witnesses. But police say they are following up on interviewing the few people who saw the incident. "It's one after another after another," said Imran Sarker, who heads the Blogger and Online Activists Network in Bangladesh. "It's the same scenario again and again. It's very troubling."
Das' death was at least the third this year of someone who was killed for online posts critical of Islam. In each case, the attacks were carried out publicly on city streets. (CNN)
...and Mohammedans still claim that Islam is a "religion of peace" Yeah. Right.
Remind me again why we should even give the goat-f-ckers the time of day anymore? Oh, and before I forget: up yours, Mohammedans...

Founder's Quote, 12 May 2015

Good constitutions are formed upon a comparison of the liberty of the individual with the strength of government: If the tone of either be too high, the other will be weakened too much. It is the happiest possible mode of conciliating these objects, to institute one branch peculiarly endowed with sensibility, another with knowledge and firmness. Through the opposition and mutual control of these bodies, the government will reach, in its regular operations, the perfect balance between liberty and power. - Alexander Hamilton, speech to the New York Ratifying Convention — 1788

Monday, May 11, 2015

Seared Music: Blind Faith - "Can't Find My Way Home"

...I've been in a funk of sorts today and here's why: those who've long known me know that I can be a bit of a jokester at times, cracking jokes on anything - and anyone - sometimes doing so without considering the feelings of those who are the subject of said barbs...which got me in trouble on a message board where the admin is a friend of someone who'd I been cracking on. We exchanged some choice words and suffice it to say, I feel like I almost lost a friend, someone I'd known for about 2-3 years...and it hurts a little bit, I won't lie there; it hurts.

What hurts worse, though, is that, unlike back at the beginning of the year, when I really got into it on another board - that time, the blame was roughly 50-50 between me and the admins - this go-round, it was all on me...and that's what hurts. Thankfully, I've made my apologies to those I've insulted but as someone deadpanned to me over the weekend, "Good job napalming that bridge," to which I had no come-back.

*scratches head in thought* ....maybe someday I'll figure out that words really do hurt at times...

American Idol To End After Next Season

...couldn't happen to a nicer show...
The 15th season of "American Idol" starting in January will be the iconic singing competition's last, Fox Television said on Monday.
The popularity of the show, which launched the careers of stars such as Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood and spawned shows such as CBS's "Rock Star" and NBC's "The Voice", has declined in recent years. The show was once a ratings powerhouse for Fox, watched by more than 30 million viewers at its peak, but its 2014 finale drew just 10.6 million viewers.
The 15th season will feature long-time host Ryan Seacrest and celebrity judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr. (Reuters)
...wonder what they'll fill up that hour with? Anyone...anyone...Bueller?!?

Founder's Quote, 11 May 2015

As our president bears no resemblance to a king so we shall see the Senate has no similitude to nobles. First, not being hereditary, their collective knowledge, wisdom, and virtue are not precarious. For by these qualities alone are they to obtain their offices, and they will have none of the peculiar qualities and vices of those men who possess power merely because their father held it before them. - Tench Coxe, An American Citizen, No.2 — 1787