Friday, December 11, 2015

Seared Music: Phuture - "Acid Tracks" I listen to this, I can't help but wonder if, the way the weather's been this week in Western NC, the weather hasn't been on some kind of acid trip itself...

Report: Obama Told NSC & FBI To Downplay San Bernardino Terrorist Angle

.....given the current administration's track record, why does this not surprise me?
The FBI has taken heat for failing to immediately classify the San Bernardino shootings as terrorism, but a new report shows that FBI reluctance could have been due to external pressure from the White House.
A source told Jack Murphy of SOFREP that the FBI instantly believed the shooting, which left 14 dead, to be a clear act of terrorism. The White House, however, didn’t feel the same way and quickly moved in to squash the terror classification.
This source added that as soon as the shooting took place, Obama convened a meeting with the National Security Council and the heads of other federal enforcement agencies to discuss a public relations strategy.
Part of the reason for trying to avoid the designation of the shootings as terrorism is because it threatens to upset the Obama administration’s strategy in Syria. A case of Islamic terrorism in the U.S. would put additional pressure on the administration to play a much more active role in the conflict.
But in this case, because the preponderance evidence so pointed to terrorism, the FBI’s hand was forced, and the agency declared the existence of a terrorism investigation, going against top-down priorities from the White House. Syed Rizwan Farook, the shooter, had contact with ISIS and other groups.
In response, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said the Department of Justice was ready and waiting to prosecute people engaging in “anti-Muslim” rhetoric.
Michael Flynn, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, said publicly that the Obama administration wants to completely sideline discussion of terrorism, because it contradicts the claim that al-Qaida is dwindling. Obama recently suffered major embarrassment after he claimed that ISIS was contained, only one day before the Paris attacks took place. (The Daily Caller via. 970am WFLA - Tampa, Fla.)
Remember, folks: its' not Islamophobia when they're trying to kill you....the way things are going in D.C. at times, one might think they were trying to run a worldwide Marie Harf Jobs Experiment or something...

Founder's Quote, 11 Dec. 2015

[D]emocracy will soon degenerate into an anarchy, such an anarchy that every man will do what is right in his own eyes and no man's life or property or reputation or liberty will be secure, and every one of these will soon mould itself into a system of subordination of all the moral virtues and intellectual abilities, all the powers of wealth, beauty, wit and science, to the wanton pleasures, the capricious will, and the execrable cruelty of one or a very few. - John Adams, An Essay on Man's Lust for Power — 1763

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Seared Music: The Aztec Mystic - "Knights Of The Jaguar"

.....I'm always looking for new music to listen to, so whenever I find something new, its' good to listen and savor the new sounds...

Rand Paul: Let's Destroy ISIS, Not The Constitution

Say whatever you want about Kentucky's junior senator, but he's right about one thing: what good does it do to go after and destroy ISIS if, in the process, we destroy the Constitution? The problem is, how do you do that? While I still don't see Rand Paul getting anywhere close to the GOP nomination in 2016, it would make sense for the eventual nominee, should they win the White House, to take some advice from Sen. Paul once in a while.

Founder's Quote, 10 Dec. 2015

This was the object of the Declaration of Independence. Not to find out new principles, or new arguments, never before thought of, not merely to say things which had never been said before; but to place before mankind the common sense of the subject, in terms so plain and firm as to command their assent, and to justify ourselves in the independent stand we are compelled to take. Neither aiming at originality of principle or sentiment, nor yet copied from any particular and previous writing, it was intended to be an expression of the American mind, and to give to that expression the proper tone and spirit called for by the occasion. - Thomas Jefferson, letter to Henry Lee — 1825

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Seared Music: John Stewart - "Gold"

....good driving music if there ever was any....

College Student Sues Community College Over Free Speech Restrictions

....just as school children don't lose their rights under the Constitution, neither should college students as well...
A student at an Arizona community college is challenging her school’s so-called “speech zone,” arguing the policy “severely limited” her right to free speech and due process.
Brittany Mirelez, a freshman at Paradise Valley Community College in Maricopa County, Ariz., was kicked out of the designated speech zone in October for failing to obtain permission to use the space.
Mirelez had set up a table to converse with students about a group she is trying to start called the Young Americans for Liberty. The group, which has branches nationwide, advocates for limited government and liberty-minded candidates.
Originally, Mirelez said a Student Life official granted her permission, but shortly after setting up her table, a different official told her she had to leave because she didn’t get approval to use the space 48 hours in advance. (The Daily Signal)
Even though I normally wouldn't give the quasi-hate group a/k/a Alliance Defending Freedom the time of day most times, I gotta' agree with their assessment on this one....
 “Colleges are supposed to be a place where ideas are freely shared, not gagged or suppressed,” Tyson Langhofer, an attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom, which is representing Mirelez in her lawsuit, told The Daily Signal. “College really works against its own purpose when it places restrictive speech rules above freedoms that the First Amendment guarantees to students and all other citizens.” (The Daily Signal)
For what its' worth, I think Ms. Mirelez has a case here; colleges and universities are supposed to be places where the free exchange of ideas and information should be celebrated, not suppressed or attacked...I'll be shocked if this case goes against her.

Founder's Quote, 9 Dec. 2015

I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast; for I intend to go in harm's way. - John Paul Jones, letter to M. Le Ray de Chaumont — 1778

If Obama Were President During Pearl Harbor...

....and to think, we've still got the sonuvabitch for another 12, 13 months.... *sarcastic eyeroll*

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Looking Back...

Quoting: "ESPN First Take" looks back at the announcement made by Howard Cosell on John Lennon's murder.

35 years ago, the world lost one of the great musicians of his day; back then, there was no social media, no internet as we know it....but for the sheer coincidence of an ABC producer being in the same ER as John Lennon when they brought him into NYC's Roosevelt Hospital, it would've been the next day before news broke of what happened. One can only imagine what was going on in the ABC Sports booth between Howard Cosell & Frank Gifford that night as news filtered down to them from New York over what happened...

One can also imagine how very much different things would be nowadays if such an event happened; with the 24hour news cycle, social media outlets, the internets, the blogosphere....that news would've shot out from the Big Apple in a heartbeat - maybe not even at that speed but faster. It was definitely not a night to be in the news business and you can tell by Cosell's voice - Cosell was good friends w/Lennon at the time - that he really didn't want to break the news of what happened that night but as Gifford points out, they were literally Johnny-On-The-Spot with the news and they had an obligation to report it, for good or for ill.

SCOTUS Examines "One Person, One Vote" Doctrine

Tuesday saw the Supreme Court hear what could end up being one of the biggest cases involving how legislative districts are drawn....first, a little background.

In the 1960's, the Warren Court issued a pair of decisions - Baker v. Carr & Reynolds v. Sims - which laid the foundations for what is known as the electoral doctrine of "one person, one vote", which required that state legislatures draw electoral districts (Congressional districts, legislative districts, etc.) on the basis of total population (that is, every district should be, within reason, as close to the ideal number of residents as the next one and so forth). However, what the Warren Court - and subsequent courts, for that matter - never got around to deciding was how the doctrine of OPOV should be determined...

....which is where today's Evenwel v. Abbott case comes in. The premise of the case, as explained by the plantiffs, is this: that legislatures, in drawing legislative districts, should take into account not the total number of residents but the total number of eligible voters in each district. This is important for it seeks to answer the following question: in a representative democracy, is every person to be equally represented, or should only those capable of casting votes in elections (i.e. 'eligible voters') be represented?

The plantiffs' argue that only eligible voters should be represented in legislative (and, by assumption, in congressional) districts and that there right to equal representation in the halls of power is unfairly diluted by residents who are not eligible to vote (i.e. felons, those under 18, illegal immigrants, legal resident aliens, etc.). Critics, to their credit, fired back that to change the rules there would effectively disenfranchise those cannot vote but are still part of said districts, namely children and the elderly.

For what its' worth here, even given the Roberts Court's conservative bent, I just can't see how they're going to split the baby here; either OPOV means what it says - that is, that each person is equally represented - or it doesn't; there simply isn't any middle ground.

Founder's Quote, 8 Dec. 2015

[T]he true key for the construction of everything doubtful in a law is the intention of the law-makers. This is most safely gathered from the words, but may be sought also in extraneous circumstances provided they do not contradict the express words of the law. - Thomas Jefferson, letter to Albert Gallatin — 1808

Who Thinks The People Should Own Guns?

Monday, December 7, 2015

Pearl Harbor Speech, 8 Dec. 1941....

Mr. Vice President, Mr. Speaker, members of the Senate and the House of Representatives: Yesterday, December 7th, 1941 — a date which will live in infamy — the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.

The United States was at peace with that nation, and, at the solicitation of Japan, was still in conversation with its Government and its Emperor looking toward the maintenance of peace in the Pacific. Indeed, one hour after Japanese air squadrons had commenced bombing in the American island of Oahu, the Japanese Ambassador to the United States and his colleague delivered to our Secretary of State a formal reply to a recent American message. And while this reply stated that it seemed useless to continue the existing diplomatic negotiations, it contained no threat or hint of war or of armed attack.

It will be recorded that the distance of Hawaii from Japan makes it obvious that the attack was deliberately planned many days or even weeks ago. During the intervening time the Japanese Government has deliberately sought to deceive the United States by false statements and expressions of hope for continued peace.

The attack yesterday on the Hawaiian Islands has caused severe damage to American naval and military forces. I regret to tell you that very many American lives have been lost. In addition American ships have been reported torpedoed on the high seas between San Francisco and Honolulu.

Yesterday the Japanese Government also launched an attack against Malaya.

Last night Japanese forces attacked Hong Kong.

Last night Japanese forces attacked Guam.

Last night Japanese forces attacked the Philippine Islands.

Last night the Japanese attacked Wake Island.

And this morning the Japanese attacked Midway Island.

Japan has, therefore, undertaken a surprise offensive extending throughout the Pacific area. The facts of yesterday and today speak for themselves. The people of the United States have already formed their opinions and well understand the implications to the very life and safety of our nation.

As Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy, I have directed that all measures be taken for our defense.

But always will our whole nation remember the character of the onslaught against us. No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the American people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory.

I believe that I interpret the will of the Congress and of the people when I assert that we will not only defend ourselves to the uttermost but will make it very certain that this form of treachery shall never again endanger us.

Hostilities exist. There is no blinking at the fact that our people, our territory and our interests are in grave danger.

With confidence in our armed forces—with the unbounding determination of our people—we will gain the inevitable triumph—so help us God.

I ask that the Congress declare that since the unprovoked and dastardly attack by Japan on Sunday, December 7th, 1941, a state of war has existed between the United States and the Japanese Empire.

--Franklin D. Roosevelt,
President of the United States I read the above speech, it makes you almost wish we had FDR as president. Say whatever you want about his politics, but he knew when to rally the nation together...unlike the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue...

The Concept Of Irony Is Lost On Planned Parenthood's SuperPAC...

....apparently, Planned Parenthood Action is being run by morons....