Friday, December 18, 2015

Bernie Sanders Supporters In A Nutshell....

....what's the running joke about college? Oh yeah: after 4 years, some will have good jobs, some will go on to graduate school or beyond...and others - like the genius above - will be like, "Do you want fries with that?"

Social Justice Wankers....

*looks at photo above* ....yeah, that 'bout describes them...

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Seared Music: Roxy Music - "More Than This"

....if the Beatles were music's standard-bearers for Merseyside, and Joy Division & New Order were likewise for Greater Manchester, odds are these cats served the same purpose up in the Northeast of England...unlike the other 3, I don't quite think these guys got the recognition due them...

U.S. District Court: Discrimination Based On Sexual Orientation Is Sex Discrimination

Glad to see the courts haven't been cowed by popular emotion...
A US District Court in California has ruled that there is no clear line of distinction between discriminating against someone based on their sexual orientation and discriminating against them based on their sex. From Erin Buzuvis at Title IX Blog:
--Two female athletes are suing Pepperdine University over discrimination they experienced as athletes on the basketball team. They allege that the head coach and other athletic department employees singled them out for unfair treatment because they suspected that the plaintiffs were lesbians and in a relationship with each other, and when they complained about mistreatment, they were forced off the team and lost their scholarships. The athletes sued the university under Title IX and other state laws. And while their case was initially dismissed, the athletes received permission to amend their complaint, and when they did, Pepperdine again moved to dismiss. This time, however, the court denied the university’s motion, which means that the plaintiffs can continue to litigate the case and begin preparing for trial.
The court’s decision is significant for how it treated Pepperdine’s argument that the plaintiffs cannot sustain a claim under Title IX because the statute does not cover discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Specifically, the court refused to consider sexual orientation discrimination a separate category of discrimination, but rather, viewed it as a subset of sex discrimination. The court reached this conclusion in two separate ways —  first, by viewing sexual orientation discrimination as a type of gender stereotype discrimination, and second by considering it a matter of  “straightforward” sex discrimination. (Title IX Blog via. AmericaBlog)
Now, mind you, this case is only getting to trial; it hasn't even begun making its' way up the judicial ladder - and a case of this nature is almost certain to do so in the partisanized legal environment of today - but as AmericaBlog's Jon Green points out, Title IX has long held that discriminatng against someone based on gender has long been illegal; what the Court here did in agreeing to hear the plaintiff's case is that they extended that provision to cover discrimination based on sexual orientation, something that most courts had shied away from in past Title IX cases. In addition, as the court determined in allowing the case to go forward, even if the courts later reject the orientation part of the ruling, the school could still be sued over gender discrimination as currently written in Title IX of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Ironically, another branch of the federal government - the EEOC, to be exact - has already touched on the issue in question, ruling that workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation is illegal under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Based on these two principles, it would not surprise anyone to see more & more cases such as the Pepperdine case above move through the courts, and it wouldn't also surprise anyone if even the Supreme Court decides that discrimination for reasons of sexual orientation is indeed discrimination under the Civil Rights Act....period, full stop.

Founder's Quote, 17 Dec. 2015

In the first place, it is to be remembered, that the general government is not to be charged with the whole power of making and administering laws: its jurisdiction is limited to certain enumerated objects, which concern all the members of the republic, but which are not to be attained by the separate provisions of any. - James Madison, Federalist No. 14 — 1787

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Seared Music: Tarney-Spencer Band - "Run For Your Life"

....a good mid-week song.....enough said.

Team Led By Mohammedan Woman Caught Surveilling Border Patrol Facility

Still think America's southern border doesn't need securing?
A Middle Eastern woman was caught surveilling a U.S. port of entry on the Mexican border holding a sketchbook with Arabic writing and drawings of the facility and its security system, federal law enforcement sources tell Judicial Watch.
The woman has been identified as 23-year-old Leila Abdelrazaq, according to a Customs and Border Patrol (CPB) report obtained by JW this week. Abdelrazaq appeared to have two accomplices, a 31-year-old man named Gabriel Schivone and a 28-year-old woman named Leslie Mcafee. CBP agents noticed the trio “observing the facilities” at the Port of Mariposa in Nogales, Arizona on December 2. Schivone was first noticed inside the entrance of the pedestrian area while the two women stood outside by the entry door, the CPB document states.
When federal officers asked Abdelrazaq why she was drawing sketches of the facilities she “stated because she’s never been to the border,” according to the CBP report. Abdelrazaq resisted showing officers the sketchbook, citing personal reasons, but subsequently handed it over. “During the inspection of the Abdelrazaq sketching book, CBPOs noticed the book contained writings in English and Arabic language,” federal officers write in the document. “There were drawings of what appeared to be vehicle primary inspection area and an additional drawing of pedestrian turn stile gate depicting video surveillance cameras above the gate.” The report proceeds to reveal that the drawings were “partial and incomplete.” (Judicial Watch)
Now, I know I'm not the sharpest tool in the political toolshed, but even I know that when someone's drawing sketches of buildings important to national security - and Border Patrol locations certainly count there - odds are, unless they're architects, they might be up to no good. And it ain't the first time something of this nature has happened; according to the above Judicial Watch report:
  • Five Middle Eastern men were arrested by Border Patrol agents in Amado, Arizona - 30 miles from the border, mind you - with stainless steel cylinders in backpacks, prompting an alert to Homeland Security
  • In Patagonia, Arizona - 20 miles from the Mexican city of Nogales - six men (1 Afghani, 5 Pakistani) were arrested
  • In addition to the two news items above, there are credible reports of ISIS training camps in northern Mexico west Ciudad Juarez
Now, if that last time scares you, remember: Ciudad Juarez is the mirror city to El Paso, Texas...and El Paso is home to one of the Army's largest military bases, Ft. Bliss.

...and people still think we don't need to secure America's southern border?

Founder's Quote, 16 Dec. 2015

Religion in a Family is at once its brightest Ornament & its best Security. - Samuel Adams, letter to Thomas Wells — 1780

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Seared Music: Edwyn Collins - "A Girl Like You"

....while the 90's weren't the best period for music at times, there were exceptions to the in point: the song above...

The 224th Anniversary Of The Bill Of Rights

Today marked the 224th anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights to the United States Constitution...the Bill of Rights, of course, are the first 10 amendments to the Constitution but they are much, much more than that; they are an enshrinement of one of the hallmarks of American equality and that is the rule of law, that all men are equal before it, regardless and irrespective of race, class, gender, orientation, status, ethnicity, etc.,etc.,etc.,...

As Patriot Post's Mark Alexander points out, the Bill of Rights originated from three equally remarkable documents....
  • John Locke's Two Treatises Of Government, which laid out the basics for what a civil society should look like but also brought forth the idea that for government to function, it must have the consent of the governed
  • the Virginia Declaration of Rights, which addressed the rights of man, including the inherent and inalienable right to reform government as needed
  • and the Declaration of Independence, which set forth not only the declaration of American independence from Great Britain but also, (a)laid forth the reasons behind her independence from the mother country and (b)re-asserted that man had certain inherent and inalienable rights that government could not take away
Taken in context, the Bill of Rights is not only a codification of the rights of man but also a proscription against government encroachment of said rights; we may argue, bitch and moan about either point but without the Bill of Rights, America would be a far darker place than it is today.

Founder's Quote, 15 Dec. 2015

The dons, the bashaws, the grandees, the patricians, the sachems, the nabobs, call them by what names you please, sigh and groan and fret, and sometimes stamp and foam and curse, but all in vain. The decree is gone forth, and it cannot be recalled, that a more equal liberty than has prevailed in other parts of the earth must be established in America. - John Adams, letter to Patrick Henry — 1776

Monday, December 14, 2015

Seared Music: Humble Pie - "30 Days In The Hole"

....a good song to start off the week with....

How To Serve Up A Liberal...

Say whatever you want about conservative commentator Dinesh D'Souza, but he recently gave a lesson on how to school social justice wankers; just watch the video below....
Now, if you don't feel like watching the video above, here's a summary of the above....

--Social Justice Wanker: “White privilege is the end product of generations of economic injustice and white people stealing from brown people and can only be ended by white people giving up their privilege.”
--D’Souza: “If you really feel that way, why don’t you give up your privilege to a disadvantaged person of color.”

...and that's how you serve up a liberal, Dinesh D'Souza style....
(H/T to Gay Patriot)

Founder's Quote, 14 Dec. 2015

Wisdom and knowledge, as well as virtue, diffused generally among the body of the people, being necessary for the preservation of their rights and liberties, and as these depend on spreading the opportunities and advantages of education in the various parts of the country, and among the different orders of people, it shall be the duty of legislators and magistrates... to cherish the interest of literature and the sciences, and all seminaries of them. - John Adams, Thoughts on Government — 1776